The Living Christmas Card – Perusal eScript


This product is the Perusal e-Script and Song Sample only.

Approximate number of rehearsal days needed:

22 + characters, ages 5 and up. Main Characters older Male and Female, other parts can be mixed Male and Female. Groups like the Bethlehem Animals or Attic Elves can be as small or large as you have actors available. If you have less actors, some can play double parts.

Read a The Living Christmas Card Character List

Running Time = 1 hr. 20 min.

Read a synopsis of the play

Listen to a synopsis of the play:

Sneak PreviewThe Living Christmas Card script sample.

Sneak Preview – Listen to a sample of the theme song, “Living Christmas Card.”

View pictures from our production of The Living Christmas Card at Free and Fun Pics from Productions.

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Any, Holiday Gathering



Play Duration

Hour or more

Play Length

One Act


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