The “H” Factor – Perusal eScript


This product contains the Perusal e-Script and Song Sampler only.

Approximate number of days needed for production and rehearsal:

16 – 20+ characters, ages 12 and over; 4 Male, 4 Female, 8+ characters can be characterized as male or female.

Read a list of characters and their talent/casting requirements.

Running time – approximately 1 hr, 20 min. (1 hr, 30 min. with intermission)

Read a synopsis of the play.

Listen to a synopsis of the play.

Sneak Previews – The “H” Factor script sample 1

Script sample 2

Script sample 3

Sneak Preview –  Enjoy these Song Samples from The “H” Factor

View pictures from our production of The “H” Factor at Free and Fun Pics from Productions.

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Additional information


Any, Young Audiences, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Community Theater, Professional Theater

Cast - Female needed


Cast - Male needed


Days Needed for Rehearsal



Comedy, Musical

Play Duration

Hour or more

Play Length

Full Length

Total Cast Size

16-40 +


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