Frequently Asked Questions

Does “add to my cart“ work the same as on other sites even though the products are all digital?

Yes!  You can add or delete products and find your total there. All products are digital and downloadable on this website. Files will be pdf, mp3, jpg, or Word docs. Once you’ve paid, you will have two options:

Hit the “Return to Merchant” button at the bottom of the Paypal final payment window which takes you back to a window in Plays in Days where you can download your files,


Go to the e mail you will receive from us at the time of payment where you will be given the links to download the files you ordered.

*FOR LARGER HELPFUL PRODUCTION BUNDLES*  We suggest creating a new folder on your computer or external storage device (aka,usb drive, flash drive, thumb drive, external hard drive) and downloading the files into that folder for easy access. You will always have the option of going back to your e mail to download your files to multiple devices as there is no download limit.

Do I get hard copies of the scripts and documents I order?

No, we do not provide hard copies. It’s the best way we know to be able to offer our products to you for such reasonable prices. All products are digital files and downloadable. But you have permission with purchase to print paper copies of scripts, templates, ebooks, and other documents and to share the audio files (or store on devices and storage drives) if you need to. You will see our copying, sharing, and printing guidelines listed in your Customer Agreement, which you will agree to just before check-out.

What should I do if I have problems downloading the digital items/files I have purchased?

File types used on this site are simple – pdf, jpg, mp3, and Word documents  – and should be no problem to download. But you can use the “Contact Us” button on the home page to ask any questions not listed here in the FAQs.

***We have been very careful, but we are human. If the downloadable items you received in any Helpful Production Bundle you purchase do not match the items on your Helpful Production Bundle Checklist for that particular play or musical, please contact us right away so we can send you the proper files and make corrections on the site for the future.

The pricing seems less expensive than I was expecting and cheaper than other sites. Why?

Right? So glad you noticed!

  1. We want as many of you directors as possible to enjoy the fulfillment of having a successful, fun production and don’t want it to cost you an arm and a leg.
  2. Because all of our products are digital, we do not have warehouse costs, which allows us to keep our costs way down.
  3. We know lots of you will want to print at least some paper copies and maybe even burn a CD (We know, kinda “old school”) or maybe have to purchase USB drives for the audio products. Then there are the other costs of a production like scenery and costumes. So you’re already going to be spending more than the cost of buying the original digital product. We want you to be able to stick with your budget and still have money for these other things.

How long will it take to get my script or Helpful Production Bundle?

Only as long as it takes you to download the digital files. In other words – Not Long! Nothing like instant gratification, right?

Wow – What’s with the ton of items in some of the Helpful Production Bundles? Will I really need all of them?

The Helpful Production Bundles are made up of things we used — or wished someone would have created for us to use — in our productions of these plays. Our goal is to make producing our plays easy for you and save you a ton of time, stress and money. You may have noticed that other sites choose to separate everything that goes with a play into an “a la carte” menu of director’s helps. Just when you think you’ll get out of there with a shopping cart costing a few hundred bucks, you realize, in order to have a complete production, you’ll spend over a thousand!  We thought it would be nice if we did it another way. Our plays will run like a well-oiled machine for a lot less money when you purchase our Helpful Production Bundle. Once you’ve downloaded all your items, you have the choice to use what you need and leave the rest. You’ll still come out way ahead, and that’s the way we like it!

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Simply click on the link, “Contact Us”  on the Home Page menu and send us an e mail. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Plays in Days e mail will be checked daily M-F.

Are there any returns or refunds?

Since there are no hard copies, once you’ve downloaded a product there will be nothing to return. If you’re having a problem with the files, please contact us. We want this to work for you and need to know if there are problems.

We recommend taking the following steps to decide if a play is right for your group:

If our fun titles alone don’t convince you, listen to and/or read the synopsis, make note of the cast requirements, take advantage of the Sneak Previews on both the Script pages and the Helpful Production Bundle pages, to hear and see the quality and style of each play. If you’re still not sold, order a Perusal e-Script for only  $5.00. Once you’ve chosen a play that is right for you and the talent you have to work with, you can purchase the Helpful Production Bundle and have everything you need to help make your production a success.

How do I know how many actors, what type, and what vocal ranges are needed for each play, skit, or musical?

Easy! Use the drop down filter on the right side bar to sort by cast size if you know how many actors you have available, OR click on the icon for the script and read the cast suggestions in the product description. All the vocal ranges needed for our musicals are perfect for the typical voices you find in schools, churches, and community theater. As a side note, there is always the possibility of “doubling” (using actors playing smaller characters to play more than one part) for your production, using a change in appearance and vocal expression to pull it off.

What about licensing or permission to perform any cover songs suggested within the musicals?

Most theaters, schools, and other performance venues that regularly feature music will likely have acquired a blanket performance or house license. Once you purchase a play from us, it would be your responsibility to make sure your venue has such coverage. We won’t be checking up on you. With your purchase of one of our plays, any original music tracks written or recorded by us need no licensing. When you agree to the terms in the Customer Agreement at time of purchase,  that suffices as a license (permission from us) to use our original music in your production.

I am a play writer / song writer too. Is there an opportunity for me to submit my plays/songs to you for possible consignment?

Sure! We love fostering talent and collaborating! Go to the “Contact Us” button at the top of the Home Page menu and read the item “Opportunities for Writers” on the left side bar. E mail us and we’ll talk!

It seems like there are only a few products. Is this site legit?

Legit and brand new! Which means you are on the ground floor of a new venture. Congratulations and thanks for joining us! And no worries – we’ll continue to add Scripts and Helpful Production Bundles plus more Free & Fun items on a regular basis.

Have any questions we didn’t answer? Let’s Get In Touch