Talk Stew: Episode 1 – Perusal eScript


This product is the script plus bonus audio and written synopses.

Approximate number of days needed for rehearsal:

5 characters, all Female.

Running time: approximately 15 minutes.

Read a synopsis of this play.

Listen to a synopsis of this play.

Sneak PreviewTalk Stew script sample.

This play/skit can be performed successfully without the extras in the Helpful Production Bundle, but the fun items in the bundle can definitely help your rehearsals and enhance your production.

If you purchase the Talk Stew Helpful Production Bundle, you will get the script PLUS all or most of the items on this Helpful Production Bundle checklist.

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Additional information


Church Groups

Cast - Female needed


Days Needed for Rehearsal



Comedy, Faith-based

Play Duration

30 Minutes or less

Play Length

Short Skit

Total Cast Size



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